To Be With You #22

To Be With You #22

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To be with you #22 is part of a series of abstract floral paintings made up of acrylic brush strokes combined with layers of fluid paint.

This series aims to convey sense of romance, beauty and an emotional response of the feelings someone has for another.

The paintings are abstract floral interpretations with elements of energy from the brush strokes and hints of fluid colour, balanced with a sense of space, conveying beautiful, lively, and alluring floral artworks.

Please note that images with the background are not shown to scale and are for display purposes only. 

Acrylic, inks and collage on linen canvas
Dimensions: 58cm x 74cm
Acrylic, ink and collage on Hahnemühle Acrylic Painting paper with linen texture and satin finish
Signed on the back